Cast picture for the Calmar Prairie Players first production

Calmar: Zero to Fifty in Ninety Minutes

The Start of Something Great

The year was 2005. The Calmar Prairie Players had just been formed to being a locally-written play about the town of Calmar's first 50 years to the stage. The play was called, appropriately, "Calmar: Zero to Fifty in Ninety Minutes" and had been loosely based on the book about Calmar's early days entitled "Pioneers and Progress" which was put together by the Calmar and District Historical Society in the 1990's.


Following sold out performances including a wild, standing-room-only event on the Saturday night of the three-day run, the cast and crew of the production decided theatre was much too much fun to only do once. The group committed to doing at least one play a year and has been going strong ever since. 

Besides their annual dinner theatre perfomances that the troupe perform every May, they have also done a number of melodramas and shorter works for Calmar's annual Mega-Market and Fair. As well, the club has been putting on Christmas plays in support of the Calmar Christmas Elves and the Open Access Youth Centre on Main Street.